FREE Songwriting Workshops

FREE Songwriting Workshops

FREE Songwriting WorkshopsFREE Songwriting WorkshopsFREE Songwriting Workshops

What is YourSong?

YourSong is a series of FREE songwriting workshops presented by St. Andrew's Arts & Music (SAM) in Markham.  The ultimate goal of these workshops is to generate creative energy in our community and facilitate the creation of music, which touches all of our souls.

Songwriters of all experience levels - from beginner to seasoned - are invited to join our multi-week program* which culminates in a community concert where workshop participants are invited to perform their newly-written songs backed by a professional band.  

YourSong introduces participants to collaborative songwriting in a comfortable and welcoming environment, free of judgement and full of encouragement.  

Each week begins with circle time where workshop participants listen to guest speaker presentations and are guided through activities designed to build trust and open the creative mind.  

YourSong participants are then placed into curated small groups to write new songs together.  Facilitators and guest speakers rotate among the groups to provide guidance and support as needed.

Towards the end of the program our songwriters rehearse their new songs for the YourSong community concert which takes place a few weeks after the workshops wrap up (performances are optional, there is no obligation to perform publicly).

YourSong alumni are invited to regular drop-in sessions where they can hang, jam and continue to work on their songs.

*Note: Childcare and public transportation passes are available for the workshops



"This has been an incredible experience for me and I thank every one of you!"

"It has been revitalizing, fun, intimate ...I'm very proud of this whole group and how open minded and kind each person has been throughout this workshop!"

"The entire event was thought out and structured...the group writing sessions reignited my creativity."

"It's incredible how a group of people can come together and create so much joy!  What an uplifting experience!"

"Amazing evening.  Each collaboration so creative.  Thank you to YourSong for setting this stage."

"Phenomenal concert - 6 weeks to accomplish all we enjoyed! Brava Bravo"